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The Republic of Moldova between East and West – Stoica Cristinel Popa

The Republic of Moldova between East and West. Vectors and agents of change that determine political attitudes (1991-2016) In a country where fake news is the mainstream news; where 80% of all available media is controlled directly or indirectly by foreign entities; where an occupational army never left since the Second World War and merely changed its name, continuing over 70 years of illegal occupation; where inimical foreign forces still exercise considerable economic, political, religious, and military control; it is understandable that many both inside and outside the Republic of Moldova confuse the propaganda regarding the history of Moldova with a factual historical account of the territory in question. As such, the identity crisis continually felt by many Moldovan citizens is a direct consequence of outside intervention. This book, written as a doctoral dissertation at "Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati in Romania, seeks to provide a unique contribution to world historiography by analyzing the recently celebrated first quarter century of Moldovan independence based on a vast array of new sources. At the same time, it brings forward many older sources that have been repeatedly used in Romanian / Moldovan historiography, but have so far not been made available to the international scientific community due to the language barrier. In addition, it includes interviews with a considerable list of members of the Moldovan Parliament, signatories of the 1991 Declaration of Independence, leaders of the National Liberation Movement, governmental ministers, one Prime Minister, the first two Presidents of the Republic of Moldova, and others.


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