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Intricate America: Inner and Outer Quarrels – Cristina Cheveresan, Cristina Baniceru

As the United States and Romania, together with the entire world, have faced considerable challenges and undergone significant transformations in the prolonged pandemic context of the past year and a half, few grounds and values have remained solid. The West University of Timisoara’s American Studies team has made it a point to be an exception and to provide a good practice example. This energetic and resilient group of M.A. and Ph.D. students has kept the conversation going. They have continued to exchange opinions, work on projects and presentations together or individually, develop and illustrate ideas, think critically and take pleasure in their academic tasks and endeavors. The lasting, palpable result is the sixth volume in the dedicated American Studies series at the West University of Timisoara’s Publishing House. What was, initially, an exploration of the American Studies program’s research potential has, throughout the years, become a tradition and a trademark of how individual ideas can lead to group success. Intricate America gives ample food for thought and a multitude of inspiring reasons to stay motivated.


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