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You are a writer! Escape your fears. Practical guide – M.C. Simon

Are you doubting that You are a Writer ? This book is for you. The simple gest of opening its pages will move you through a journey where you will: • discover how to write a book when you don’t have time and don’t trust yourself • Reveal how to overcome all the obstacles and get rid of the fears that block the Path to Your Book; • Master the Method based on 43 essential steps that reveals you how to write a book that goes directly to your reader’s heart; • Discover how to make friends with your Muse so that you can easily bring your first book to light’ • Find out what alternative methods you can use to improve your inner world, eliminating stress while writing, • You learn how to maintain the flow and why it is the most important factor in your life as a writer, • Change the mindset that stops you from becoming an author by continuously positioning yourself in the state of waiting for the right moment.


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