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Varanasi – Jae Watson

Following the break-up of her relationship and unsure of her life’s direction, Marianne leaves a London still reverberating from the terrorist bombings to travel for a year with the mysterious and beautiful Sara. However, deep into the heart of chaotic and mystical India, events take a dramatic turn and, in the Holy City of Varanasi, Sara’s body is discovered floating in the Ganges. As the investigation ensues, unexpected and shocking revelations cast a new light on Sara and take Marianne on a painful but vital journey to uncover the truth about her friend and also her own life. ‘A great novel, vibrant and colourful with a rich vein of insights, wit and wisdom’ Geoff Mather ‘A fascinating read that kept me intrigued to the end. It is a novel that defies expectation and provides no cosy solutions’ Writewords.co.uk ‘Must be a winner. Books, after all, don’t just furnish a room. They fit very neatly into backpacks’ N16 Magazine ‘Ambitious and bold…this is a book which ventures off the beaten track’ Roundtable Review


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