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Things I Wanted To Say, But Never Did – Monica Murphy

Things I Wanted To Say. The heart-pounding and darkly romantic TikTok sensation From the bestselling author of A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime , this is the deliciously dark Lancaster Prep novel that will have you hanging onto every word… Whit Lancaster is the cold, heartless and devastatingly handsome bad boy at Lancaster Prep.Beautiful Summer Savage has no time for Whit. But his intense gaze traps her under a spell. Fills her with a longing she doesn’t understand.When Whit gets into trouble one night, Summer invites him in. Tends to his wounds. Lets her guard down, just for a moment…Which is when Whit takes off in the dead of night. Taking her journal with him. Now he holds all her darkest secrets, threatening to expose her to the entire school. So Summer strikes a deal with Whit.A deal that leaves her at his mercy behind closed doors… But what if he’s at hers?

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