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The Heroes of Olympus Boxed Set – Rick Riordan

All five books in the #1 New York Times best-selling Heroes of Olympus series in a hardcover boxed set of heroic proportions. Readers longing for a return to Camp Half-Blood will get their wish…..the action scenes come frequently as the three heroic teens fight monstrous enemies in North American locales….Flashes of humor lighten the mood at times, but a tone of urgency and imminent danger seems as integral to this series as the last. With appealing new characters within a familiar framework, this spin-off will satisfy the demand for more. Booklist Follows the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series but also stands on its ownMillions of copies sold the world over Five hardcovers in a specially designed slipcase Combines Greek and Roman mythologyTeen demigods travel across the US and to Europe as they uncover mysteries and battle monsters and gods Told from the point of view of seven different diverse and relatable characters Fast-paced, action-packed adventures narrated with humor and heartIdeal for middle schoolers but can be enjoyed by older readers, too Here is a gift-worthy set of five hardcovers, from The Lost Hero to The Blood of Olympus , for fans of Percy Jackson or anyone who enjoys funny and exciting quest adventures based on mythology. No Rick Riordan collection is complete without it! Illustrated by John Rocco

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