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Practical Black Magic – Sophia DiGregorio

Practical Black Magic: How to Hex and Curse Your Enemies Do you feel that fortune is not your favor? Do you have a need for powerful protection from your enemies? Do you long for more control over your own destiny? Those who have had the good luck of being born to privilege expect and usually receive leniency, justice and opportunity. They are surrounded by the protection of their wealthy families and powerful friends. For everyone else, black magic is the means to obtain power and protection and to open the door to opportunities. It’s the way to get control over every aspect of your life in an out-of-control, imbalanced world, to obtain justice when it is lacking and to turn life-long bad luck into good fortune. Practical Black Magic: How to Hex and Curse Your Enemies explains how witchcraft powers are obtained and cultivated and gives instructions for attacking enemies and advancing your personal interests while protecting yourself from harm. The final chapter gives specific spells and rituals for cursing and hexing your enemies.

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