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Pandora – Susan Stokes-Chapman

Some doors are kept locked for a reason… A gripping narrative in which secrets from the past are slowly and ingeniously revealed. – Sunday Times Romantic, suspenseful and beautifully written… a glorious treat. – Daily Mail London, 1799. Dora Blake lives with her uncle in what used to be her parents’ famed shop of antiquities.When a mysterious Greek vase is delivered, Dora is intrigued by her uncle’s suspicious behaviour and enlists the help of Edward Lawrence, a young antiquarian scholar. For Edward, the ancient vase is the key to unlocking his professional future. For Dora, it’s a chance to restore the shop to its former glory, and to escape her nefarious uncle.But what Edward discovers about the vase has Dora questioning everything she has believed about her life, her family, and the world as she knows it… Weaves together Ancient Greek myth with suspenseful mystery and beguiling romance…utterly irresistible. – Jennifer Saint, author of Ariadne An immersive, evocative story full of romance and intrigue. – Red Readers love Pandora: So addictive… the perfect mix of historical fiction, mystery, fantasy and romance. Wonderfully atmospheric. A beautifully written piece of historical fiction. Crackles with danger and mystery… a joy to read. An utterly magical book full of secrets, love and hope. Beautifully written, gripping and evocative.

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