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New Catholic Children’s Bible – Thomas J Donaghy

New Catholic Children’s Bible: Inspiring Bible Stories in Word and Picture The Catholic Picture Bible by Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy is an excellent and highly-acclaimed collection of Bible stories for children. Set in large easy-to-read type, children will learn about important stories from the Bible. Each story is enhanced with beautiful colorful artwork. The Catholic Picture Bible has been a favorite among Catholics for over fifteen years. This title provides summaries and valuable context for 109 stories from the Bible, 60 stories from the Old Testament and 39 stories from the New Testament. The language is simple and easily understandable, perfect for middle school children. This book makes an excellent gift and is a great educational resource for children seeking to know more about the Word of God. Among the features of this book are: • a presentation page that allows for easy personalization of this book when used as a gift • vibrant full-color illustrations • durable sewn hardcover binding • references to the Scriptural books, chapters, and verses for the included stories • a foreword written by the author, Rev. Thomas J. Donaghy • Informative and engaging introductions for both the Old Testament and the New Testament • a 5-page Bible dictionary that contains brief definitions and descriptions for 128 words, phrases, and people found in the Bible • Colorful maps that detail important places mentioned in the Old Testament and in the New Testament including: • Armenia, Assyria, Etc. • Exodus of the Israelites through the Desert to Canaan • Canaan as Divided by Joshua to the Twelve Tribes • The Kingdoms of Judah • The Empire of David and Solomon • Palestine in the Time of Christ • Jerusalem in the New Testament Period


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