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Hieroschemamonk Daniil Sandu Tudor, Mystical Poet – Carmen Ciornea

Editie in limba engleza Hieroschemamonk Daniil Sandu Tudor’s monumental work is supported by at least three reasons: first, because it realizes a liturgical experience of Scripture; secondly, because it leverages traditional methods of hermeneutics; finally, because some of his creations (we refer to his norm-texts – the akatist-hymns) were accepted by the Romanian Orthodox Church in its liturgical corpus, thereby enjoying the status of sacredness of specific religious texts. In Chapter III of this volume, we find the reproduction of two manuscripts, typed versions of the "Akathist Hymn to the Burning Altar of the Birth-giver to God", discovered after searching the Archives at C.N.S.A.S. On the night of June 13th to 14th, 1958, Security also confiscated these manuscripts from the house of Professor Alexandru Mironescu, at the time of the arrest of Father Daniil Sandu Tudor (along with his good friend, Alexandru Mironescu and his son, Serban Mironescu) as shown in the file no. 100, Manuscript fund, A.C.N.S.A.S. At the end of the volume, in the Annexes, the facsimiles of the two manuscripts are attached – a typescript of 39 pages, followed by another one, which is only of 26 pages, as well as some facsimiles of the working typescript, respectively of the statement of Professor Alexandru Mironescu, meant to exclude any doubt regarding the authenticity of the information.


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