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Angel: Haggis Horrors and Heavenly Bodies – Cherry Whytock

‘Almost forgot, Cherub, l got something to cheer you up yesterday. Found it in the tartan workshop.’ He hands me the parcel, out of which comes a WHOLE SCOTTISH OUTFIT! Kilt, white shirt, frilly collar thing, tartan sash, red sporran and, to top it all (or should that be to bottom it all?), thick green woolly knee-length socks… with GARTERS ! Angel’s holiday in Scotland is providing more drama to her already tumultuous life. Before leaving she learns that, tragically, Mercedes will be leaving to join her parents in Florida – probably forever! Then Potty discovers that there is something fishy about the haggis Harrods sell and is on the warpath – always a bad thing … And does Sydney want to be more than a friend, and how does she feel about THAT? Then there are even more horrors for Angel, her family and friends when they come back home… Angel’s teenage dilemmas, hilarious adventures, and love of cooking make for a diverting read. – Publishing News


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