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Ambivalence: Crossing the Israel Palestine Divide – Jonathan Garfinkel

This provocative memoir chronicles Garfinkel’s travels in Israel and Palestine and his journey away from a Zionist education in Toronto. After a screening of a Palestinian film, he meets a Palestinian woman who tells him about a house in Israel occupied by an Arab and a Jew. The story compels him to travel to Israel and the West Bank in search of the house with the hopes of discovering a truer sense of life in the Middle East. But the address she’s given him doesn’t exist, and nothing is as simple as it seemed… Bringing to light the complexities of real life as opposed to the religious or political ideal, this memoir questions what it really means to adhere to a culture or faith. Rife with riotous, sometimes surreal comedy, as well as tragic misunderstandings, "Ambivalence" offers a vivid and challenging portrait of life in Israel and Palestine.


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