Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility – Laura Potincu

Editie in limba engleza The analysis performed within this monograph has an interdisciplinary nature and is intended for academic and professional purposes. The analysis instruments come from the economic and legal fields. Our scientific endeavour focuses on the corporate social responsibility (CSR) and business ethics, notions which are implemented, more or less, by the main category of professionals: the business operators. We cannot analyse the business ethics or CSR without relating them to the behaviour of the business operators. Combining the marketing analysis with the legislative analysis on the topic of the corporate social responsibility and business ethics can further provide results whose applicability in the real life, in the everyday life of the citizens and business operators shall have beneficial effects for the entire community. Contents: • Conceptual Delimitations regarding Business Ethics • Conceptual Delimitations regarding the Corporate Social Responsibility • From Integrating the Ethical Elements into the Activity of the Business Operators to the Ethical Responsibility, a Component of the Socially Responsible Management • From Complying with the Legislation Regulating the Categories of Stakeholders to the Legislation Regulating the Social Responsibility Concept • Evaluation tests


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