English For Medicine – Ecaterina Pavel

This book is addressed to all those involved in medical communication in English and is motivated by the expansion of international collaboration in the medical field. In this context, English is the predominant language of communication, regardless of the origin of those involved (clinicians, medical students, medical researchers, medical professionals, patients). Therefore, the correct and appropriate wording in English, the understanding of medical language and structures are absolute prerequisites for effective communication, all the more so since this is an area where errors often have overwhelming consequences. Conceived as a practical work addressed to upperintermediate users of English, the present book aims to cover various aspects of medical language in a manner as comprehensive as possible, stimulating the understanding and acquisition of specific notions; it also deals with correctness, by means of grammar exercises tailored to cover frequent glitches in this field. The book is not a university course, so theoretical explanations are very few, and they are provided only where I felt that there was a need for a differentiation in the choice of some variants to the detriment of others.


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