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Critical Success Factors In Organization And Management – Constantin Mihaescu

Today, two critical success factors are vital for a more efficient business organization and management: 1) A systemic approach for concepts, and 2) Concepts that have a scientific basis. In this regard, Critical Success Factors in Organization and Management gives readers the latest author’s research results. He shows how can be used his recently discovered Universal Law and Model of Organization and Management to improve manager’s decisions in order to maximize profits and performances in their business and life. The process of profit maximization can be developed successfully if the business is organized and managed as an adjustable cybernetic system on the scientific basis offered by this discovery. A couple of hours spent reading this book are enough to understand why today, more than in the past, there is need of the systemic approach of all concepts related to organization and management, and why the process of business management have six natural systemic management functions. According to author’s studies and practical experiences, there is a law of nature that governs the organization and behavior of natural self-organizing adaptive systems. Using this law, its systemic vision, he redefines the concepts of organization, management and management functions and shows how to apply them to maximize profits.. This model reveals the natural logical connections among all of these concepts, including how they are integrated in a perfectly self-organizing, adaptive system. With this model, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of any activity. Thanks to this powerful natural model, we can better understand and better use the managerial concepts as never before. It is time to give greatest importance to these two critical success factors in business organization and management, and to apply precisely the Universal Model of Organization and Management, all its powerful six systemic management functions if we want to be successful in our activities, including in any kind of games. The book content is: 1) Introduction, 2) Why We Need a Systemic Approach for Concepts 3) The Universal Model of Organization and Management, 4) Business Systemic Organization and Management. A Step-by-Step Guide, 5) Case Study of Systemic Organization and Management of Thinking in Chess Game, 6) Summary, 7) Bibliography. Reading Critical Success Factors in Organization and Management, all the people can learn to build correctly and quickly the systems needed to achieve their goals in business and generally in life. About the author: Constantin V Mihaescu is a Romanian mechanical engineer, manager, management consulting expert, computer man, scientific researcher and writer. After a long research and many practical experiments, he has discovered a law of nature: The Universal Law of Organization graphically represented by The Universal Model of Organization and Management. This model can be used to organize and manage at a high level of performance any human activity, to assure a successful life.


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