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Anuarul institutului de cercetari economice Gheorghe Zane Iasi

Contents: The progress of ideas Emilian M. Dobrescu, Romanian economic sciences celebrating the centenary Nelli Aiviarfii-Railean, Industrial ecosystems as a catalyst of economic development and growth in the frame of industrial revolution 4.0 Tatiana Sanduta, Elena Fuior, Features of development of tourism at the present stage Present-day topics Edith Mihaela Dobrescu, Circular economy, a new model of the European Union. New measures and objectives in recycling Karen Sargsyan, The drawbacks of the anti-crisis measures implemented in the Republic of Armenia and the ways to avoid mistakes in the future possible crises Tatjana Gredicak,Damir Demonja, Strategic management of special forms of tourism in the Republic of Croatia Otilia Manta, Microfinance, financial network and globalization Tatiana Tabac, Long-term migration from Republic of Moldova and Romania Points of view Elvira Naval, Economic growth modeling under government policy uncertainty Gabriel Rus, Alina Pop, Causes that led to an inadequate implementation rate of the urban development projects in the North-Western region of Romania in the period 2007-2013 and the objectives set for 2014-2020 Simona Maria Stanescu, Romania’s business environment from the viewpoint of entrepreneurs in SMEs


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