2022. The Geoeconomic Roundabout – Antonia Colibasanu
2022. The Geoeconomic Roundabout – Antonia Colibasanu
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2022. The Geoeconomic Roundabout – Antonia Colibasanu

2022. The Geoeconomic Roundabout -How we entered the first global economic war In February 2022 the world entered the first global economic war in history. The moment that Russia invaded Ukraine, uncertainty hit the markets. For a few weeks, everyone thought the war would end quickly, with the business world hoping for a negotiated settlement. As months passed, it became apparent the war would in fact continue for much longer; businesses had no other option but to adapt to a changing reality and to a war that was to reset both economic alliances and overall economic conditions. This is what geoeconomics is helpful for. It provides a framework for understanding how the global economy is reshaped by major geopolitical events. In this volume, Antonia Colibasanu provides a timeline for how that happens. She takes us back to 2021 to understand the events of 2022 through her analysis, while adding some personal notes for context. All in all, this is the 2022 diary of geoeconomics. Dr. Antonia Colibasanu is senior geopolitical analyst and the Chief Operations Officer of Geopolitical Futures, working closely with best seller author George Friedman. She is also a lecturer on international relations at the Romanian National University for Political Studies and Public Administration in Bucharest. Prior to Geopolitical Futures, Dr. Colibasanu spent more than 10 years with Stratfor in various positions, including as partner for Europe and vice president for international marketing. She holds a Doctorate in International Business and Economics from Bucharest’s Academy of Economic Studies, where her thesis focused on country risk analysis and investment decision-making processes within transnational companies and she is an alumna of the International Institute on Politics and Economics, Georgetown University.


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